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Blockchain Certification Course Training

  • 23rd Feb 2019 (5 Weekends) | Sat-Sun Training Mode: Online | 02:00 PM – 05:00 PM IST
  • 23rd March 2019 (5 Weekends) | Sat-Sun Training Mode: Online | 02:00 PM – 05:00 PM IST

Blockchain Certification Training Course

Blackchain training course designed to educate you on the relevance of the blockchain technology which in itself is a distributed public ledger that is capable of storing information in a verifiable, secure and permanent manner. You will fully understand the concepts of the blockchain technology, how the Blockchain technology would be applicable in all industries and also how the blockchain is being used to create cryptocurrencies. You will also be taught algorithms and protocols of the blockchain technology. Blackchain certification course would prepare you to become a blockchain technician who is capable of applying this amazing technology to various industries to improve their efficiency level.

Best Blockchain Certification Training Course

Main Features

    • Assured instructor-led training and supervision
    • They would be exposed to high-quality training, supervision and hands-on exercises
    • The use case and application of the blockchain technology with the relevant algorithms

Learning Objectives

For Individuals
  •  They would gain access to self-paced, high-quality learning content and experiences that have been developed by experts in the blockchain field.
For Businesses
  • They would be taught with well-blended models
  • This course would offer them high-quality teaching and assistance

Blockchain Course Description

The blockchain technology is one of the most innovative technologies of the 21st century and has several uses which would help industries increase their performance level.

To offer technologists, data scientists, industry workers and investors accurate knowledge and needed skills for the right certification and skill needed to apply the blockchain technology to the respective industries.

After this course, you would have been able to;

  • Master how the blockchain technology works
  • Know how the blockchain technology can be applied in several industries
  • Acquire the needed skill of how the blockchain technology can be used to build platforms and networks.
  • How the blockchain technology works with smart contracts and other algorithms and protocols
  • Developers seeking to integrate the blockchain technology into their platforms
  • Industry experts seeking to integrate the technology into their industry
  • Those seeking to build a career in the blockchain technology
  • Data entry experts seeking to be more efficient.

Blockchain Curriculum

1. History of Blockchain

1.1 Introduction to Blockchain


  • Bitcoin
  • Digital Currencies
  • Bitcoin overview

2. Getting Started with Cryptography Techniques

2.1 Overview of Cryptography Techniques


  • Symmetric key
  • Asymmetric key
  • RSA
  • Public key cryptography
  • Digital Signatures
  • Choosing Machine Learning algorithm

3. Double Spending Problem

3.1 A Quick Refresh on Double Spending Problem


  • Two generals problem
  • Byzantine general problem

4. Getting Started with Mining

4.1 A quick crash course on Mining


  • Hashing
  • Digital fingerprints
  • Nounce

5. Consensus

5.1 Introduction to Consensus


  • Distributed consensus
  • Proof of work

6. Bitcoin Transactions

6.1 Overview to Bitcoin Transactions


  • Block structure
  • Transaction structures

7. Alternate coins

7.1 Overview to Alternate Coins


  • Lite coin
  • Dash coin
  • Ether
  • Dogecoin
  • tokens


8. Distributed Ledgers

8.1 Overview to Alternate Coins


  • Databases
  • Distributed storages
  • Shared Ledger
  • Distributed Ledgers

9. Classification of Blockchain Platforms

9.1 Overview to Classification of Blockchain Platforms


  • Databases
  • Distributed storages
  • Shared Ledger
  • Distributed Ledgers

10. Applications

10.1 Overview to Applications


  • Insurances
  • Banking
  • Healthcare

Hyperledger Fabric

1. Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric

1.1 Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric


  • Hyperledger Foundation
  • Hyperledger Sawtooth
  • Hyperledger Fabric


2. Hyperledger Fabric Components

2.1 Overview of Hyperledger Fabric Components


  • Peers
  • Ordering service
  • Transaction flow
  • Database
  • MSP

3. Setup Hyperledger Network

3.1 A Quick Refresh on Setup Hyperledger Network


  • Docker basics
  • Build first network
  • Run Sardine application

4. Getting Started with Chaincode

4.1 A quick crash course on Chaincode


  • Golang basics
  • Writing a chaincode

5. Hyperledger Composer

5.1 Introduction to Hyperledger composer


  • Composer Framework
  • Installing
  • Playground
  • Business network

6. Building Sample Application

6.1 Overview to Building Sample Application


  • Build insurance application using composer


1. History of Ethereum

1.1 Introduction to Ethereum


  • Bitcoin vs Ethereum
  • History
  • Ethereum releases
  • Ether
  • Consensus
  • EVM

2. Ethereum Ecosystem

2.1 Overview of Ethereum Ecosystem


  • Remix
  • Geth
  • Mist
  • Metamask
  • Parity
  • Truffle
  • Whisper
  • IPFS
  • Swarm

3. Solidity Language

3.1 A Quick Refresh on Solidity Language


  • Layout
  • Import
  • Memory and storage
  • Data types
  • Mapping
  • Structs
  • Abstract contract
  • Libraries

4. Getting Started with Smart Contracts

4.1 A quick crash course on Smart contracts


  • Gas
  • ABI definition
  • DAPP Architecture
  • Transaction
  • Program to create own token

5. DApps

5.1 Introduction to DApps


  • DAO works
  • Types of DApps
  • ICO concept

6. Truffle Framework

6.1 Overview to Truffle Framework


  • Technology stack
  • TestRPC

7. Web3 Framework
8. Building Sample Application

6.1 Overview to Building Sample Application


  • Simple application with UI


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