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AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Course

AWS Solutions Architect is a vital position in the field of AWS Cloud Solutions, for which people need to be certified by passing the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Examination. Since it is a tough examination for checking the knowledge and skills of the examinees in this IT arena, it is better to undergo the online training imparted for this course. This certification course has the duration of only a few hours, on the completion of which the concerned IT professionals can expect huge salaries in the job market.

Eligibility criteria for joining AWS Solutions Architect Associate Training

    • The candidates joining this course should have at least one year of experience in handling AWS Cloud and in designing low cost distribution system on AWS that can stand all the faults and is easily scalable.
    •   The candidates for this course should have experience in computing, networking and handling several services in AWS database.
    • They should be well aware of the global infrastructure of AWS Cloud and its operating systems.
    • They need to have relevant experience in creating secure applications on the platform of AWS Cloud.
    • The knowledge of networking to AWS servers is necessary for undertaking this certification course.
    • However, the beginners also may take up this course, but after completing a foundation course for learning all the basics about AWS Cloud.
    • Most of the course materials are imparted online in the form of short videos of maximum 20 minutes.
    • Thus, it is very simple for any IT professional to understand the study materials, with the guidance provided by the coaching experts.

Learning Objectives

For Individuals
  • Would offer them self-paced learning contents, designs, and models that have been created by top industry experts
  • Around 90 days of access to 1+ instructor-led online training classes
For Businesses
  • Would offers self-paced e-learning and/or instructor-led learning delivery models
  • Would offer them advanced and enhanced individual and team reporting
  • Would offer Enterprise learning management system (LMS)
  • Would offer them well-blended learning contents
  • 24×7 teaching assistance and support

AWS Solution Architect Certification Course Description

  • Identity Access Management (IAM) for the security of AWS Cloud
  • Storage facility of AWS Cloud, including S3, Glacier, Snowball, Storage Gateway, S3 Transfer Acceleration
  • Computing languages of EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk
  • Networking knowledge of API Gateway, Route 53, VPC and CloudFront
  • There are many more course materials regarding the database, application services and many other AWS related systems.

Availability of high salaried jobs – The candidates need to work really hard for completing this AWS Solutions Architect Associate training course and obtain the certification. However, they can be sure of getting huge salary after completion of this course, due to the high demands of these trained professionals in the IT field.

Ability of handling different apps in AWS – These certified professionals become highly competent in designing and applying the scalable and trustworthy apps in AWS Cloud, which will not interfere in the operations of other systems. They can also bring different complicate apps from other networks to the AWS Cloud for easier operations.

Obtain all require knowledge of AWS development – The certified AWS Developing associates can select the best AWS service package for the required applications. They have concrete knowledge about the suitable software to be used for each application that will work perfectly in the given servers. They can also create the codes for the security of the applications in the AWS Cloud.


Hence, this AWS Solutions Architect Associate training course is highly beneficial for any IT professional who has interests in this specific field and want to excel with better performance.

AWS Solutions Architect Associate training course is ideal for professionals who want to pursue a career in Cloud computing or develop Cloud applications with AWS. You’ll become an asset to any organization where you are working with, helping leverage best practices around advanced cloud based solutions and migrate existing workloads to the cloud.

AWS Solution Architect Certification Course Curriculum

1. Introduction

1.1 AWS Structure and Organization


  • Exploring the AWS Account and Services Layer
  • Exploring the AWS Physical and Networking Layer
  • Essential CSA Terminology
  • Shared Security Responsibility Model and Attributes

2. Interacting with AWS

2.1 The Basics of IAM (Identity and Access Management)


  • IAM Essentials
  • IAM Policies
  • IAM Users
  • IAM Groups
  • IAM Roles
  • IAM API Keys
  • Identity Federation
  • AWS Organizations

3. Server-Based Compute Services

3.1 EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)


  • EC2 Essentials
  • EC2 AMIs and Virtualization
  • EC2 Instance Types
  • Instance Details and Bootstrapping
  • EC2 Storage Options
  • Security Groups and Key Pairs
  • EBS Snapshots
  • EC2 Placement Groups
  • EC2 Purchasing Options

4. Storage Services

4.1 S3 (Simple Storage Service)


  • S3 Essentials
  • S3 Components
  • S3 Features
  • Website Hosting with S3
  • Glacier
  • Transferring Data into S3

5. Hybrid Environments

5.1 Hybrid Environments & VPC Peering


  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • AWS Direct Connect
  • VPC Peering
  • Learning Activity: Implementing VPC Peering on AWS

6. Monitoring

6.1 CloudWatch & CloudTrail


  • CloudWatch Essentials
  • CloudTrail Essentials


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